Computerized Billing System in Nepal

  • Lekha Bidhi
  • July 13, 2022

The Government of Nepal has applied the guideline of the Computerized billing software with the aim of eventually implementing it in almost all businesses including Hotel, restaurants, Internet Service Providers (ISP), Departmental stores, Mart, and Flooring or Furnishing industries as well as Box office implemented business inside Kathmandu, Valley, etc.

After this bill is passed by the government, now every business is required to enforce a computerized billing system/Software either on an SME or Large quantitative business.

Every sales transaction made through the billing system needs to be synced on a real-time basis by the taxman to the IRD system.

This computerized Billing system must need to be directly connected to the IRDs system, that's why every point of sale transaction is supervised by IRD.

While the implementation of this rule or law there are minimum chances of tax evasion and under-invoicing as well as reducing the billing hours and increasing the efficiency of transactions which make faster work performance of each and every business. whereas it can help the government to monitor very closely to the organizations.

Newly enforced law supersedes the Billing system 2015. Newly implemented laws can help the business change the manual billing system.

Due to the rapid growth or revolution of Information technology, lots of Nepalese business organizations are interested to implement such computerized billing systems. Whereas some organizations are using manual billing systems and compromising, how much effort, time, and economy they need to invest in manual billing systems.

That's why turning from the manual billing system to a computerized billing system can be a huge advantage for all kinds of businesses including small or big-scale companies.

Regarding the Computerized billing system in Nepal, Lelkha Bidhi is a great investment for your company. Lekha Bidhi has been developed by Nectar Digit Pvt. Ltd., Which is truly a Nepalese IT company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Lekha Bidhi billing system can clearly work under the provision of the newly passed billing system by the Inland Revenue Department of Nepal. The approval or enlisted number of Lekha Bidhi on IRD is 7800613 and serial number 613.

Lekha Bidhi is a Made in Nepal product, It gives any business organization great looks and feels as well it can give accurate multi-tenancy reports as per requirement. Lekha Bidhi is a fully cloud-based accounting system, it can be accessed from any corner of the globe to operate and monitor.

Lekha Bidhi Accounting and Billing system can equip the business for accurate management of revenues, expenses, usage billing, subscription, and a hybrid model of those transactions and operations.

Moreover, it gives you all kinds of accounting and business satisfaction.

How to register your billing system with IRD – with process

  1. Tax Clearance Certificate photocopy of the organization
  2. Permanent Account Number (PAN) photocopy of the organization
  3. Company Registration Certificate photocopy of the organization
  4. The User Manual of the Billing system needs to be signed by a company representative and sealed on each page
  5. Guarantee letter for Data Modification or Edit (Manipulation) is not possible on the computerized billing software
  6. Data Recovery and Backup System occurred on the software
  7. Architectural details of the Billing System
  8. Software configuration file and Invoice Sample Format in Excel – 20 copies each in 20 pen drive
  9. Connectivity with Central Billing Management Software (CBMS) – API can be collected Service Branch of the IRD

Note: Once all of the required documents are ready, they can be submitted via online, which is mentioned below:


  1. Browse on Firefox or Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge or any browser
  2. Click on Taxpayer Portal
  3. Click on Electronic Billing
  4. Then, Select Electronic Billing User Permission
  5. The registration form will open then, enter your Username, Password, and other necessary details, and click on the Registration / Proceed
  6. Then, Click on Submit
  7. Finally, Click on Print Button

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